Employee Profile

Chandra Brojde

Chandra L. Brojde, PhD, PMP
Senior Technology Solutions Manager
cbrojde@omni.org p. 303-839-9422 ext. 175

Chandra Brojde is a Senior Technology Solutions Manager and has been with OMNI Institute since April 2011. Chandra oversees project work related to data management and visualization. She utilizes software in multiple areas of technology solutions including performance management, business intelligence and analytics, statistical analysis and custom applications. Chandra’s work crosses multiple content areas including education-related initiatives, workforce development, substance abuse needs, criminal justice, and emergency food systems (e.g., food pantries). Prior to joining OMNI, Chandra served as a research and teaching assistant at the University of Colorado, Boulder where she obtained her joint PhD in Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Science with a concentration in Developmental Cognitive Psychology.