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Jean Denious, Chandra Ringer, Nick Reese, Jennifer Hooks, Caitlin Kozicki, Cori Stott and Brie Reimann. "Adapted Team Awareness for Youth and Conservation Corps" in Bray, J.W., Galvin, D.M., and Cluff, L.A., Eds. (2011): Young Adults in the Workplace: A Multisite Initiative of Substance Use Prevention Programs. RTI Press publication No. BK-0005-1103. Research Triangle Park, NC: RTI Press., pp. 102-116. Read chapter 6»

Jennifer L. Shepherd, Johnna Fandel, Rashaun Esposito, Elizabeth Pace, Mekka Banks, & Jean Denious(2012). Multidimensionality Matters: An Effective HIV, Hepatitis C, and Substance-Use Prevention Program for Minority Parolees, Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 51:4, 199-221. Read abstract»

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