Employee Profile

Katie Gelman

Katie Gelman, DrPH, MPH
Director of Research and Evaluation
Public and Behavioral Health
kgelman@omni.org p. 303-839-9422 ext. 143

Katie Gelman, DrPH, MPH, is a Director of Research and Evaluation and has been employed by OMNI Institute since November of 2006. Katie is responsible for overseeing several federal, state and local research and evaluation projects, primarily in the areas of epidemiology and substance use prevention and treatment, as well as projects related to youth behavior surveillance and school survey administration. Katie also provides oversight support to OMNI’s dashboard and data visualization projects and supports OMNI’s GIS Committee, which serves as a resource to the nonprofit in geographic data display and mapping. Katie received her MPH from Boston University and is currently pursuing a doctorate in public health from the University of Colorado School of Public Health.