Employee Profile

Paola Molina

Paola Molina, PhD
Senior Researcher
pmolina@omni.org p. 303-839-9422 ext. 113

Paola Molina, PhD, is a Senior Researcher at OMNI Institute and has been with the organization since April of 2013. Paola has served as the project lead across several federal, state, and local projects. Paola specializes in qualitative research methods and has used these research skills across multiple content areas, including substance use treatment, early intervention, family literacy, and health and health care programs. A native Spanish speaker, Paola also leads OMNI’s Spanish committee and has conducted focus groups and interviews in Spanish across various content areas. Before joining OMNI, Paola worked at a non-profit organization in Arizona where she led a multi-phase statewide assessment of refugee service providers. Paola has a doctorate in sociology from the University of Arizona, with interests in gender, migration, and inequality. Her book Re-Immigration after Deportation: Family, Gender, and the Decision to Make a Second Attempt to Enter the U.S. examines the re-immigration intentions of 70 deported migrant women and men.