I thank OMNI for investing in youth survey planning and administration in Boulder County. OMNI continuously creates and nurtures trust in public health. OMNI has built and supported a team of dedicated staff who perform in the school and community trenches. The data elicited from these youth surveys, the youth-strengthening initiatives inspired, and the positive trends in youth wellbeing, all make OMNI and its team valuable partners in our quest for a healthy Boulder County.-Namino Glantz, Health Planner, Boulder County Public Health

Evaluation Research

Evaluation Research

The evaluation research that OMNI conducts is applied. It focuses on the questions you need answered in order to improve the performance of initiatives, organizations and programs. It addresses the real-world setting of your projects and the information needs of the many stakeholders with whom you collaborate. We work with you to appropriately scale the evaluation to meet the developmental stage of your project.


OMNI research staff draws on its interdisciplinary social science training to adapt rigorous methodologies to your evaluation needs. OMNI has expertise in pre-experimental, experimental and qualitative research designs. In addition, staff specialize in statistical analytic methods (analyses of variance, change analyses, predictive modeling and reliability assessments). We also utilize QSR’s NVIVO software and other methods to support qualitative analytic techniques (domain and thematic analysis, case matrices).

Survey Methods

OMNI has extensive experience in the use of surveys within evaluation projects. We conduct widely used surveys like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey, and we have experience developing new surveys to measure newer topics of interest, such as inclusiveness. OMNI staff has expertise in developing and managing online surveys, surveys read by Scantron (i.e., bubble sheets) and surveys that must be hand-entered.

OMNI will assist you selecting or adapting reliable and valid measures that fit your program. We also will assist you in determining the best format (i.e., online, bubble sheet) for survey administration. Where appropriate, OMNI staff will implement pilots of new surveys and administration processes, and all aspects of the survey administration and management process will be documented and staff training provided to support your organization in carrying forward with the survey after the contract with OMNI is completed.


Depending on the purpose of the evaluation, OMNI research staff has expertise in applying different analytic methods including analyses of variance, change analyses (also may be referred to as repeated measures), and reliability assessments. OMNI staff utilizes statistical analytic software packages to analyze and graphically display data for reports.

Focus Group Methods

OMNI has extensive experience conducting focus group research as a part of our evaluations. Depending on project needs, focus groups may be used in conjunction with other data collection methods, for example, to provide more in-depth information about survey findings, or they may comprise the entire evaluation study.

OMNI will assist you in determining whether focus group methods are most appropriate in meeting your evaluation needs and resources. We also will help you successfully deploy focus groups including recruitment, data collection and results dissemination phases. Further, OMNI staff is experienced in the use of qualitative analytic software packages to support data management and analysis.

Other methods

Projects at OMNI typically can be characterized as multi-method. That is, we utilize multiple methods and data sources to validate findings and to provide our clients greater insight into issues of interest. We often make use of archival datasets, key informant interviews, expert panels and measures of program dosage and fidelity to strengthen our evaluation studies.