Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

OMNI provides the nonprofit and public sectors with access to cost effective technology solutions and comprehensive technical support services. Our services, including advanced customization of systems, system implementation, training and technical assistance allow you to leverage the capabilities of leading information technology products without costly in-house support. With expertise in performance management, data reporting and field applications, our project managers tailor technology solutions to your work environment and project objectives.

Technology Solutions Benefits
  • Increase understanding of target populations
    Deliver greater program impact
  • Visually present data results
    Make benefits more tangible to stakeholders
  • Work across multiple locations and organizations
    Easy and secure data access
  • Collect, analyze and monitor real time data
    Stay informed, adjust to make improvements
  • Customize interfaces, forms, reports and functionality
    Streamline workflow processes. Increase productivity
  • Better allocation of resources
    Save time and reduce costs
  • Protect your data
    Maintain HIPAA compliance. Keep current with latest security updates and regulations
Technology Solutions Products

Our robust technology tools work across locations and organizations to meet multiple project goals and reporting objectives. Products are scalable and may be implemented as single or joint solutions depending on your needs. OMNI supports and hosts clients in utilizing:

Performance Dashboards

Goal Monitoring and Data Visualization


Virtual Collaboration and Content Sharing

Efforts to Outcomes™

Data Optimization and Information Management

OMNI’s performance dashboards help clients explore data visually in easy-to-understand formats, centralize and monitor key indicators, and update progress reports.


OMNI portals help clients collaborate virtually with real-time access to project content. This highly flexible content management tool engages and informs stakeholders, while also keeping content safe in a robust security infrastructure.


ETO™ is secure, easy-to-use data management software developed by Social Solutions. OMNI provides customized ETO™ implementations that tailor the software to your unique needs, and we offer customized reports, training and consulting around ETO™.