About OMNI


While OMNI is known for its rigorous, high-quality research work, ultimately all our projects are about people – the people in our communities collaborating for social change, the people in the field supporting efforts, and the people whose welfare is being improved. OMNI brings a diverse range of expertise to each project and shares experiences in a fun work environment that cultivates open hearts and creative minds.

The work OMNI has done for Grand Futures Prevention Coalition has been key to our success and progress. Paramount is the evaluation and reporting on the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey, but we also rely on OMNI for assistance with other surveys, focus groups, grant applications and a variety of social science research. It’s like having another (very capable) person on our staff!
- Susie Baird, Managing Director
  • Improvement of Social Conditions
  • Partnership
  • Utilization-Focused Services
  • Quality Services and Products
  • Shared Organizational Responsibility
  • Individual Growth and Development
  • Effective Work Environment
  • Collaborative Decision-Making